Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza

Pacha Ibiza has its main headquarters and most known discotheque in Ibiza island. It was inaugurated in 1973 and founded by Ricardo Urgell. Pachá is a Spanish group that has more than 24 night clubs, as well as hotels, clothing and accessories stores. The brand despite having been founded in 1967 was not internationally famous until 1973 when it settled in Ibiza. Pachá Ibiza began as a local built on the city outskirts with country house look and was the first of the many clubs on the island. It has had many extensions and structure changes, but in 1993 began to function as a macro- discotheque when about 3,500 people filled its various rooms with great parties enlivened by DJ’s like David Guetta in Fuck Me I’m Famous.

Since its inception on the island, Pacha Ibiza adopts its main distinctives, such as its corporate image of the world’s most famous cherries and a specialization in house and electronic music, winning contracts with renowned DJ’s.

Pacha Ibiza is the garden of delights, bathed by psychedelic rock’s waters becoming trance and techno music, and a hippie imitation jewelry made by artisans, with bodies bathed by the sun. Pachá surpassed the own Ibiza rising like an imposing tower that rises beyond and above this paradise of the Mediterranean.

At midnight, a line of blushed tourists arrive at Pacha Ibiza to photograph themselves at the entrance of this old country house, hippie symbology nights, models bathed in champagne, go-gos dressed in feathers and attire, to be enjoyed by the VIP views between desserts and fruits. Ibiza filled its beaches with European meat, and then at night, the French wave got into the room, unleashing the shameless gesture of raising arms that revolutionized the dance.

The international island opened its arms to Pacha Ibiza and thus the design and decoration of an ibicencan country house was maintained, with the traditional scheme of white walls, flat roofs and small windows.

Today Pacha Ibiza consists of 5 rooms, 20 bars, a terrace, two restaurants, a swimming pool and a garden. Every day the stage changes to play the role of the various DJ’s and to set up their festive moods with their different parties.

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